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About Us

We're Creative

We are creative and innovative for doing different and most practical work to facilitate our clients to full extant.

We're Professional

We are professional and our work matches to top standards in industry. Our professional approach makes our work high quality and most practical.

Latest Technologies

The latest technologies are evolving day by day we work with most latest technologies in our work and in touch with latest trends in industry.

Standard Games Studios

Best Games on Play store with latest trends and technology.

Our Services


action game is a video game genre that emphasizes physical challenges. And we offer state of the art Action games with which you will have thrillling and fabolous experince.

Sports Games

Sports are becomming popular and popular day by day and people are intrested in sports more and more if you are sports enthusiast then you will experience pleaseure and joy of sports with our sports games.

Racing Games

Play Racing Games on Standard Games Studios . Our top Racing games are Supercar Showdown, and Turbo Racing will give you amazing and real experince of Racing which also includes simulation racing.

3D and
VR games

3D and VR games are latest trends
in industry which are innovative and one step higher then normal games we offer very good
and lethal 3D and VR games.

Privacy Policy

Standard Games Studios highly value your privacy. To ensure the complete protection of your personal data and information we have adopted uncompromised, administrative, physical, electronics and security measures, which ruled out the possibility unauthorized or unlawful access to or accidental loss of or destruction or damage to your information. This privacy policy outlines how we collect, store and use the information that you have provided through various apps. The required information may include personal information such as your name and e-mail address. Your personal information will be only used for the purpose to access your gaming and apps preferences to further enhance your experience. Your personal information will not be shared, disclosed or transferred to third parties and other organizations.

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Feel free to contact us 24/7, please fill out the details in the form. We will reply to your query as soon as we can.